3mm Open Cell Wetsuit

  • Open Cell Hooded Jacket and Farmer John Pants
  • Constructed of a Premium Grade Neoprene
  • Nylon Armored Exterior
  • Glued then Blind Stitched Construction
  • Stitched in Speargun Loading Pad on the Chest
  • Supratex Armor for the Knees and Seat

Size Chart:

Size Small 125-150 pounds

Size Medium 150-175 pounds

Size Large 175-200 pounds

Size XL 200-225 pounds

Size XXL 225-275 pounds


Temporarily Sold Out!!!

Size :


$60.00 International Shipping


2mm Closed Cell Wetsuit

Flat Lock Stitched Construction

Hooded Jacket with High Waist Pants

Hawaiian Green Spiny Lobster Camo Pattern

Size Chart:

Size Small 100-125 Pounds

Size Medium 125-150 pounds

Size Large 150-175 pounds

Size XL 175-200 pounds

Size XXL 200-225 pounds


Size :

$60.00 International Shipping