Gremlin Series Doggie Float

  • 40 Liter High Pressure Inflatable Float
  • Constructed from Gremlin Green Nylon Reinforced Hypalon
  • Heavy Duty D-Ring tested to over 100Kg
  • Rear Handle for carrying or getting towed 🙂
  • High Pressure Schraeder Valve attachment included
  • Inflates to a recommended 20 PSI for 95 pounds of surface lift
  • Dimensions - 40 Liters - 36" Length X 12" Diameter
  • Target Species: DOGGIES, Wahoo, Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Jobbies and MahiMahi
  • Quick-Dump Valve for fast Deflation
  • Optional Y-Schraeder+Guage Valve for Accurate Inflation *RECOMMENDED*


$30.00 Y-Schraeder Valve + Guage

$50.00 International Shipping


Gremlin Float Line 1

Gremlin Series Float Lines

Gremlin Green High Visibility Super Durable and Stretchable Outer Sheath

Can stretch 50% of its original length, giving it a bungee-like characteristic

Available in lengths of 50 feet

600 pound test inner core for landing big game fish

Shackled Tuna Clips on both ends for upgradability or to add a clutch

50 Feet $50.00


International Shipping $50.00